Victor Ozoh

Robotics Software Engineer


About Me

I am a Software Engineer currently residing in Houston, Texas. I am interested in anything having to do with Machine Learning, Robotics and Data Engineering. I am currently working on developing helpful tools to aid robotics software developement. For my projects, I make use of Python, C++ and some Javascript.

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Recent Projects

Computer Vision and Robotics Projects.


SLAM with Turtlebot3

Extended Kalman Filter for SLAM on the Turtlebot Waffle Pi in Gazebo.


Virtual Pong with Sawyer

Interact with Sawyer using distance sensors in a game of Pong.


Fencing Sawyer

Dueling with Sawyer using the HTC Vive Tracker and lighthouse for positional tracking.

Education & Experience

My education and work experience spans Software Development, Data Engineering and Robotics.

Data Engineer

CapitalOne | New York

2021 - 2022

I developed and maintained Machine Learning Pipelines in using a combination of Apache Airflow, Snowflake, Bash and Docker.

Software Engineer

Citi | Dallas

2021 - 2021

Debugged and developed Financial models in SAS. Performed data ingestion and cleaning using Python and SAS.

Operations Engineer

Diligent Robotics | Austin

2020 - 2020

Founding member of the Operations Team. Created ROS documentation for new hires. Created scripts to gather data on processes running on robots.

Masters Degree

Northwestern University | Evanston

2018 - 2019

Completed a Masters Degree in Robotics where I took courses on ROS, Robot Kinematics and Dynamics, Linear Algebra and Machine Learning.